Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review of GeekDesk - adjustable Desk

If, like me you work from home and the way you do your work is on a computer, it can be unhealthy to sit for long hours behind a screen. The Geek Desk Max is an adjustable standing desk that allows you to both sit and stand. If standing sounds a little strange while on a computer this is a quality desk anyway and the adjustability makes it very useful.

Using an electric motor, the Geek Desk goes from a low of 23 inches to a high of 49 inches to accommodate all heights. It is much easier than comparative adjustable desks that sometimes require manual raising sometimes making you move all your things off the desk to do so. The motion is smooth and simple.

I surprised myself and found I was much more productive and did not get any pains or discomfort by standing doing my work. It turns working on a computer into a more active and less lethargic activity. You can even put a treadmill in if you want a bit of exercise while on the computer. I haven't mastered the art of walking and typing at the same time, but plenty of people swear by it.

At around $900 the Geek Desk is a little pricey, but it is a sturdy quality desk with smooth beveled edges and a natural wood finish on top of a solid metal frame. This model accommodates up to 335 pounds so it is suitable for even the most robust computer nerd.

If you are constantly sitting at a computer you can be at risk of degenerative disk disease and a myriad of back and neck problems. I don't stand all of the time, I switch a couple of times a day and being so easy to go back and forth it gives me a good excuse to stand up. I have noticed that I get less lower back pain when standing from time to time.

It does require a bit of assembly but is easy enough to do in about thirty to forty minutes. It comes delivered to your door in three very well packed sturdy boxes. For those who are unable to assemble the desk, Geek Desk offers to send a third party to your house for $90.

  •  Sturdy, quality, and spacious desk
  • Easily adjustable with a built in electric motor
  • Allows for both sitting and standing at a computer
  • Reduces strain on back and neck by standing
  • It looks cool
  • Great customer service
  • I am in love with this desk!
  •       A little pricey

 Where to buy:

Truth Vitality Lux Renew with LED and Ultrasound by Truth In Aging

The process of aging can be difficult to process in life. We will go to great lengths to reverse or at least slow age progression using creams, gels, gadgets, wiznaps, surgery, and bundles of money. The Truth In Aging Truth Vitality Lux Renew is a revolutionary way of regenerating the skin using red and blue LED light and ultrasound. For those suffering with acne, acne scars, wrinkles, age spots, broken veins and loose skin this can have minor but far from negligible results.

The Truth Vitality Lux Renew is about the same size and shape as a TV remote control. You apply a thin layer of conductive gel to your face then use the Lux Renew. Sessions are easy and take around a quarter of an hour. There are three different settings: red light, blue light, or ultrasound all used for treating particular problems. Red LED light is primarily used for reducing wrinkles and skin abnormalities such as cellulite and age spots. Blue LED light is effective for treating acne which I had great success with calming my acne with the blue light. The blue light kills the bacteria which causes acne. Although I am not sure that this would be effective at treating severe acne. I had mild to moderate breakouts. The ultrasound setting can repair the skin and increase its firmness and elasticity. Note you only need to use the conductivity gel with the ultrasound setting.

For this device to actually have any noticeable effect in the treatment of age related wrinkles you're going to have to be disciplined with the administration of the treatment. It is sometimes easy to forget to do but it won't have any effect unless you keep at it. I am unsure if it is working for me in the wrinkle department as someone called me ma'am today and I am 48...or perhaps they were just being polite? The effects are mostly minor but it definitely slows the onset of wrinkles and improves the youthfulness and vitality in the skin. I do notice my skin feels thicker after a treatment and somehow more full.

This product is currently the only one of its kind that is FDA approved and clinical studies have indicated that people using this device have for the most part had some degree of wrinkle reduction. At $249 this age defying wand might seem expensive but it is less than the amount you would otherwise spend on a series of salon treatments, expensive facial creams, and plastic surgery. Also from time to time there are coupon codes available that can give 10 or 20% off.

  •          Makes use of red and blue LED light, and ultrasonic waves
  •          With continued use effective for treating wrinkles and other age related skin conditions
  •          Small, easy to use
  •          Affordable compared to alternative treatments
  •          Noticeable results after an amount of time dedicated to its use.


  •          Can be tedious to use it consistently
Where to buy:
Online at Truth in Aging website or Amazon.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Review of GSE 5000 Green Star Elite Juicer

Juicing is becoming more and more popular and now can often be found in health food shops and restaurants around the globe. By juicing I mean the juicing of vegetables and fruits such as celery, apple, kale, dandelion, beetroot, carrots etc.. which creates refreshing and healthy drinks. The GSE 5000 Green Star Elite Juicer is a masticating juicer used by many of these restaurants and cafes and is available at a reasonable price. Masticating juicers claim to yield a superior juice to the cheaper centrifugal juicers as it doesn't heat up the liquid, exposes it to less oxygen and air so less oxidation and keeps the enzymes more intact.

The amount of vegetables (and remember raw vegetables) you would need to consume to have the same amount as just one juice would seem quite excessive. Juicing the vegetables breaks down the fibers of the plants and makes it easier to digest. This is the best way to get your body the fresh raw vegetables it needs. It takes quite a lot of vegetables to make one juice, you push the vegetables through a noisy bladed presser that removes the juice from the pulp and leaves you with a yummy green juice. You can even use the pulp in recipes such as pancakes, breads and  muffins if you really want to get the biggest bang for your buck.

You can experiment with a wide variety of juices depending on your tastes and what your body needs. Celery and apple are always staples of mine because they add a bit of sweetness and also seem to yield the most liquid. It is probably best to not dress your best when juicing as it can be a messy job and you don't want to stain your whites with beetroot!

The process of juicing can admittedly be a real chore. It can take about 15 minutes just to get one juice and the clean up is not the most fun to be had, with juice and pulp getting into the most hard to reach components of the contraption. I sometimes find myself driving to my local health café if I can't be bothered with the process. Having said that it does feel good to drink the juice of your own toils.

The accessibility of the nutrients in the juices make your body feel amazing. For me, it seems to give me a big refreshing energy boost and settles my stomach. It is important to drink the juice right after you make it because otherwise the enzymes that make fresh juicing so beneficial will die. Juicing has great detoxifying effects and some claim that it can be used along with other treatments as a tool to treat cancer. The Gerson therapy is most famous for this protocol.

·         Reasonably priced home juicer
·         Creates fresh juices which give your body the best accessibility to nutrients
·         Helpful company with lots of info available online and recipes
·         Easy to set up


  • The process of making the juices can be quite tedious and hard work
  • Very messy and requires a lot of clean up, often in hard to reach places
Where to buy:

I bought mine on Amazon. You could also search online and see where has the best deal. Expect to pay around $490.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Review of Lumosity Brian Games and Brain Training

In this day and age of mental shortcuts and gadgets that do everything for us it is important to keep the brain fit. Studies have shown that regular mental exercise greatly reduces the risk of age related brain deterioration such as Alzheimer's disease and because of this a large market has surfaced to offer "brain training". Brain Age on the Nintendo DS was one of the early modern brain exercising video games but things have come a long way since then. Lumosity is a new web oriented series of brain training games that target specific areas of cognitive tasks.

Lumosity has taken scientifically tried and true exercises and has developed them into genuinely fun games. One plays 5 games a day which comes out to 15 minutes a day, 3 to 5 times a week. Just this short amount of time dedicated to keeping your brain sharp will have definite results. You get better and better at the games and they get harder and harder. New games are always being developed which is good because after a while I found I could master some of the games. Having new ones to try keeps you on your toes and encourages the brain to work better. My favorite game so far is the penguin maze game which pits you against a computer operated penguin to reach the end of the maze first, each time the maze getting longer and the other penguin getting faster.

Mental arithmetic has always been a challenge for me but I can wholeheartedly say that since playing the Lumosity games for a few months now I can much more easily calculate tips and everyday mental math.

Lumosity shows you how your brain compares with others of your age group and what areas you excel in and those you need to exercise more. A very detailed personalized program is developed for you with lots of eye pleasing graphs and easy to read results. This sleek design definitely makes it fun to keep coming back and I personally never struggled to keep it up every week.

Lumosity is available on computers, tablets, and smart phones so it is easy to access wherever you are. Certain games are available for free but for full access to all the games and training programs (which I recommend) is priced at $14.95 a month or $6.95 a month if you do a whole year. Family packages and lifetime memberships are also available. Try the free games first then decide for yourself.

Pros :
  •          Loaded with fun interactive brain training games
  •          Personalized and sleek design
  •          Keeps your mind sharp
  •          Fairly priced
  •         Better and more fun than similar products
  •         Multiplatform so you can train anywhere! 
  •     You can skip games that you might find boring.

Cons :
  • Sometimes the games have failed to start with certain browsers and this impairs your score for that session. It can be irritating to have to restart the game to correct this.
  • Some of the games are tedious. 
Check it out at

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tropical Traditions Coconut Concentrate

Coconut products are becoming more and more popular because of their delicious flavor and health benefits. Tropical Traditions Coconut Concentrate is an organic coconut cream that has a very rich taste and a variety of uses. It is made of 100 per cent coconut unlike many commercial tinned brands which often add water and additives to prevent the coconut oil from separating from the water.

Very addictive and with an ultra-creamy taste, this concoction can be mixed with water or juice, added to curries, ice cream, soups, and it can be eaten on its own spread on toast. Slightly sweet I find it very hard to put down and often go back to it many times in an evening for just another spoonful. Anything you can use butter for save frying foods you can use this coconut cream, baking included. My favorite way to use it is in my morning coffee as a creamer. It is so creamy no milk needs to be added and it adds a subtle coconut tinge. I once found myself choking on the creamy delicacy because of overdoing it on too many slices of toast, it dried my mouth out in a similar way to peanut butter so best to have with a glass of milk if had on dry toast or crackers!

Coconuts are full of healthy fats that the body can use easily as a good clean energy. Weight loss effects, heart health, anti bacterial, antifungal, and improved brain function are all well documented benefits of the humble coconut.

·         Delicious taste
·         Wide variety of uses
·         Great non-dairy substitute for butter
·         One jar goes far
      Effective dieting

·         Some may consider it a bit pricey but in my opinion worth it as is the best coconut cream I have been able to find.

Where to buy:
 Tropical Traditions has an awesome online store front.
The Ionlife Zapper Z4e is a small battery powered little black box which sends specific frequencies to two copper rods that the user holds in their hands to rid the body of parasites, prevent inflammation, stave off sickness and infection and more. Zappers like these were first brought about by Dr Hulda Clark, who theorized that almost all of the illnesses and weaknesses we encounter in our daily lives stem from parasitic organisms poisoning us.

According to the Ionlife website the average adult has 2-3 pounds of parasites in their body and as I am sure as many of those who have suffered with these wriggly worms know that they are easily taken care of with a pill from the pharmacist, but I prefer as I'm sure many of you do to fix the problem without nuking my gut. This device can be used as a routine preventative medicine.
Someone in my house was coming down with the flu and we were feeling the beginnings of the virus. After using the zapper each day we manage to fight off the illness. The zapper is a great tool that can be used to keep the body healthy by nipping problems in the bud.

There are three different frequencies on the Zapper Z4e: 30Hz, 2.5Hz, and 15 Hz. You must zap at least three times in one session in order to ensure that all the parasites die along with the eggs and viruses that they leave behind when they perish. Any of the three settings will be effective for treatment but they also have other varied uses if you want to delve deeper into it. A mild to surprisingly strong tingling sensation may pulse into your hands, I felt the sensation to be quite relaxing. You zap for seven minutes and then you rest for 20 minutes and repeat twice. Make sure you drink plenty of water while using the Zapper.

Many people, myself included, who use this product may feel the effects of a Herxheimer reaction (the process in which the toxins produced from the dying parasites cause the body to feel depleted). I used the zapper to eliminate a severe infection in my jaw. Although the zapper was effective in combatting the infection, I had to stop using it because of the severity of the Herxheimer effect. Hydrating properly can minimize the severity of the tiredness but I found myself feeling quite exhausted despite hydrating properly. My advice on this is if you have a heavy infection and are sensitive to a Herxheimer reaction then you may want to consider something else or use it sparingly.

There is a much higher quality of build in this zapping model than others I have found on the market that tend to fall apart more easily. The copper is smooth and shiny and has no sharp edges.
Tip: Soak two paper towels in water with sea salt added in and wrap them around the copper rods to increase conductivity. 

  •   High quality, fairly priced zapper
  •   Amazing tool to fight off infections before they develop further
  •  Parasitic cleanser
  • Can be used daily
  • Can be used for meditation
  •   For those sensitive to a Herxheimer effect, the zapper can be quite draining.
Where to buy:

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Crio Bru Brewed Cocoa Drink

I have been a coffee drinker for years and at one point I found myself dependent on coffee to fully wake up in the morning. Then I found Criobru; a hot morning pick me up made from cacao beans. Criobru is similar to the consistency of coffee but has its own slightly chocolately flavor. The energy high is much longer lasting and has a much slower onset. I also don't find that I get the crash that comes a few hours after having a nice cup of java.

Criobru comes in a variety of flavors. I found Vega Real to be my favorite. A nice subtle strawberry flavor and left me feeling energized and ready for the challenges of the day. I wasn't so keen on the Pumpkin Spice.  Make sure to give all the roasts a try.

It contains little to no caffeine and the buzz you get from it comes from a similar but non-addictive chemical called theobromine. Also high in antioxidants this is the perfect replacement for the caffeine addict! Although those hooked on the taste and texture of coffee may find this drink slightly thin.

This is a great new superfood drink that will keep you alert for ages and won't build addictive habits in the long term.

  • Great tasting
  •  Long lasting energy boost
  • No crash
  • Non addictive
  • Available in a variety of roast
  • Contains Anti-oxidants and minerals

  •         May not be an acceptable replacement for the true coffee head
  •     Some may find the consistency a little thin.

Try mixing with some cold brew coffee for an extra kick.