Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review of Similasan Stye Eye Relief


As a child I suffered a lot with styes in my eye, occasionally having them cut out the lid by surgery. I even remember rubbing my grandma's gold ring on the eyelid as that was an old wives tale for supposedly healing styes! I guess it was my grandma who shared this old remedy with me, I can't recall if it worked or not.... Since then I have not been plagued with this problem, until recently I developed a small stye on the upper lid. Probably I have been run down, and need to get more sleep, but I needed something to relieve the redness and irritation.

About the product:

Similasan Stye Eye Relief is 100% natural. Its active ingredients include the homepathics Conuum maculatan, Graphites, Sulphur. These ingredients temporarily reduce symptoms such as redness, swelling and tearing. The product claims to soothe the pain and discomfort of a stye and as it is a homepathic preparation, there are not any harmful side effects, or drug interactions.

How I tested the product:

I started using the eye drops as soon as I noticed the red tell tale signs of a stype developing on my upper lid. I used a couple of drops 2 or 3 times a day.


  • Does not sting the eye.
  • Pretty affordable, I paid around $10 for a 10ml bottle.
  • No harmful side effects.
  • Natural, safe ingredients.
  • It really did relieve the irritation in my eye and less than a week later the stye is almost gone.

  • For some reason I can't seem to get it in my eye straight away. I usually end up with streaks of the eye drops down my cheeks. At least it doesn't smell!

I like this product and I like this company. I have tried other products of theirs and even though I cannot pronounce the name (!), I like the fact that they are creating safe, alternative medicines.  This particular product worked for me,  and was a cost effective way to treat a minor irritation.

I give it 4.5 stars out of five.

Where to buy it:
Readily available in health store, pharmacies, online.

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Lundsay said...

I started with vague pain 3 days ago, I thought it was a stye, but they normally don't bother me too much & go away within a day or 2. Well the following day i felt like something was in my eye & the worst was yesterday - I woke up feeling (& looking!) as if I were punched in the eye. My eye felt goopy & just generally painful & annoying. Perfect for my crazy day ahead... I got proactive & started hot moist compresses. Which marginally helped. By 1:00, I was hurting so much I couldn't function & felt like I had a wool sweater in my eye. I broke down & went to walgreens. As far as stye treatment, my options were limited to "stye" & the walgreens brand equivalent & the similasan. I decided on the latter since the other options are basically lubricants.
Immediately the wool sweater feeling subsided. A HUGE plus for me since it was causing me to want to rub my eye & repeatedly blink. Which HURT. BAD.
I was able to start functioning better, thankfully. Did all the running around & craziness of football carpool & get home. More drops followed by really hot compress. Still lots of hurt, but it's feeling better. Repeated the same right before bed. Woke up this morning with pain that went from a 15 on a scale of 0-10, down to about a 1. However, my eye was crusted over, once I got it cleaned up, it's still a bit swollen, but it's not even a fraction as painful!
My other eye started feeling itchy, so I put 2 drops in that one.
This stuff is a godsend. I'm sure the hot compresses helped, bit this stuff definitely speeded it along. It claims to help with the swelling/redness/tearing but I still had all thoes symptoms while using it up until this morning. The tearing was lessened but not significantly & the swelling is still there, but it's definitely healing & for that, I couldn't be more thankful. I'd have likely lost my mind if I were to deal with it for another few days.