Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Review of Rosacea-Ltd IV


I get flare ups of acne rosacea that can be quite painful. Of course having a red and inflamed face is not the best either! I have had it on and off for years and not really known how to treat my skin as it is quite sensitive, and many treatments on the market can be quite aggressive for my particular skin. I also prefer to use holistic and natural remedies whenever possible and since the skin absorbs everything we put on it , I want to be really careful what I use.

I like researching and I am quite passionate about healthy living so I set myself the challenge of finding a natural protocol for my skin problems. I came across Rosacea-Ltd IV as one possible treatment made by Bass & Boney Pharmaceuticals, Inc. . The name had popped up a few times on acne forums and had received favorable comments from users.

I was quite impressed with the scientific information presented on the company's website, and could see time and research had been put into the product and the educating of people about their product. I realized from studying the manufacturer's website, that the products I had been using to try and cure my skin had probably been making it worse. I also learned from their information that if left untreated acne rosacea gets worse over time and can lead to some serious problems. In addition it can be a symptom of other isues going on in the body. This was enough to prompt me into ordering the product.

When ordering you fill out a questionnaire regarding your skin problems so that the regimen can be tailored for your specific needs. I liked this aspect because we are all different and a one size fits all approach isn't the best.

About the product:

 Rosacea-Ltd IV is a rosacea treatment by a Johns Hopkins MD. It was designed for sensitive skin and redness with any combination of rosacea, acne pimples, rosacea papules and seborrheic dermatitis.
The shape of Rosacea-Ltd IV is a disk which allows the user to easily get to the sides of the nose as well as sweep it along the eye lid for occular rosacea - which occurs in many sufferers and can include lepharitis, conjunctivitis, iritis and dry eyes.

The ingredients of Rosacea-Ltd IV are zinc oxide, sodium chloride, iron oxide, copper oxide, cornstarch, polyethylene glycol and sulfur. There are two disks , one is tan and one is yellow. Full instructions come with the product- basically you use it once at night on clean skin that is wet and moistened with jojoba oil.  The jojoba helps with the absorption of the product as well as mositurizing the skin. You start with the tan disk and use that for 10 days before moving onto the yellow disk.

How I tested the product:

I use this whenever I get a flare up of acne rosacea. I have been using it on and off for one year.


  • It does help calm the redness and pustules. It works pretty quickly too. I usually notice some improvement within a few days.
  • Relatively cheap - the disks cost me around $80 or so and are not even close to being used up a year later! The company also offer a refund up to 120 days after initial purchase if you are unsatisfied with it.
  • Easy to use- you just glide it very quickly over the face.
  • A lot of good information and detailed care plan.

  • Can be drying- make sure you use the jojoba oil to counteract any drying effects. Less is more with this product so use a light hand when applying.
  • Can sting a bit on the eye- just keep the eyes closed for a minute or so after application.
  • The sulfur smell is quite strong for me but it does dissipate after a while.


It works for me and after reading the company's literature and testimonials it seems to work well for many people. It is less aggressive than other creams and potions I have tried and doesn't irritate my skin. I think acne rosacea is a complex skin issue to try and treat but this product is one remedy that has worked well for me.

I give it 4 stars out of five.

Where to buy it:
Online via the company's website.


Steve said...

I too have tried this treatment with very positive results. I am very impressed with the ease of application and the fact that I do not have to use it everyday to maintain clear skin. I would most assuredly recommend Rosacea-Ltd to others.

roselle canton said...

I have found the Rosacea-ltd blocks to be most impressive. They work well and quickly to bring the redness and papules under control. A must try for anyone with rosacea.